Belgo Building 372 rue Sainte-Catherine ouest, Suite 530

Access type
❏ Wheelchair/mobility limited
❏ Service animals allowed – check in advance, but animals are definitely permitted in the building – Water can be available for them in the venue
❏ Accessibility information is available in promotional material online – no website, but info should be available on Facebook event pages
❏ If any access information is unavailable, contact the venue ahead of time

Accessibility of entrance/exit
❏ Stairs – a few stairs at the front entrance, more information currently unavailable!
❏ Ramp – Front entrance, located right by the doors – Gentle gradient
Very slippery when wet (use caution in the winter!)
❏ Doors – Automatic – button – Should be fully functional
❏ Signage – Belgo Building address clearly marked but there is no outside signage for RATS9
❏ Nearest accessible metro stop is Berri-UQAM – 1.2km o10.5 blocks
❏ Nearest metro stop is Place-des-Arts – 400m or about 1.5 blocks
Terrain outside venue
❏ Relatively flat – uphill from Place-des-Arts metro station
❏ Concrete sidewalk
❏ Condition of sidewalk: weather-dependent
No parking available, accessible or otherwise

❏ Located down the hall from the RATS9 studio/gallery space
❏ Gender neutral
❏ Separate room
❏ Door opens outwards
❏ Light switch – approx. 4 feet high
❏ Grab rail/bars at side of toilet – On two sides
❏ 9 inches of space between toilet and wall
❏ Flush mechanism: lever
❏ Doorknob height – 3 feet
❏ Height of lock – 3 feet
❏ Clear signage to indicate washroom: “Accès pour handicapés”
❏ Height of sink – 2 feet – Wheelchair clearance could be obscured due to placement of the garbage can underneath the sink
❏ Faucets easy to reach – Lever-type
❏ Hand towels
❏ Tampon disposal – 4 feet 8 inches high
❏ Toilet paper – between 3 feet and 3 feet 8 inches
❏ Soap dispenser – Height – 4 feet – Scented soap

❏ There are two elevators located down the hall to the left and right of the main (large) stairwell at the centre of the building
❏ If the left hallway elevator is out of service (this is the closest elevator to RATS9) the other elevator should be functional
❏ Width – 3 feet 6 inches – this is the narrowest space in terms of overall access to RATS9

❏ To and from elevators, stairs, washroom
❏ Very wide – 8 feet 5 inches
❏ At least 10 feet high
❏ The door to RATS9 is open unless there is a performance underway or the venue is closed
❏ Double door can be opened if requested – width 5 feet
❏ Hardwood floors – Fairly even but there is potential for tripping due to some older uneven floorboards
❏ Rest seating available
❏ Number of places to sit depends on the event
❏ Folding chairs – seating arrangement varies and can accommodate mobility devices
❏ Front row & barrier-free seating available
❏ Allows a guide dog/service animal to sit in the room
❏ Priority seating available

❏ In the case of limited seating/ standing room only, or sitting on the floor, it is possible for someone to reserve a chair/spot by emailing ahead of time

Performance space – accessible for performers and audience
❏ Studio space – no stage – therefore, sightlines will vary
❏ For performers: artist package specifies the information for performance set-up, RATS9 will try to accommodate artists’ needs for the setup of the space

❏ *Depending on the event* – Well-lit for people who use sign language or lip read
❏ No significant areas of high reflection or glare in the basic space
❏ No fluorescent lighting
❏ Strobe/flashing lights
❏ Use of warning signs if strobe lights are used

Other sensory concerns – depends on individual performances/exhibitions
❏ Warnings given for smoke machines or sudden/loud noises
❏ Scents noted – be aware that RATS9 is one of many galleries – possibility of scents from elsewhere in the building
❏ Construction is common in the building – can be noisy
❏ Possible to request access to small separate room for people who need a calm or quiet space

Food, beverage information
❏ People can bring own food/beverages if required – RATS9 asks only that you do not bring your own alcohol – if there is alcohol being served it is to generate revenue for the space
❏ Free water available
❏ Access available to microwave and kettle

Public Telephones available in the lobby

Staff – wonderful and attentive
❏ Respectful behaviour toward patrons/customers
❏ Staff are patient with people who have slow or slurred speech
❏ Staff are attentive to patrons’ varying needs
❏ RATS9 encourages anyone to contact them for accessibility information

❏ Smaller room available for childcare – they don’t provide it themselves, but the space is available and children are welcome, depending on the event

***FOR ANY OTHER QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, please contact us at

We are working on translations!


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